Wan Valentine

Article published on: January 18, 2017

Whilst being  celebrated traditionally in the West, Valentine’s Day has now become a huge and important date in Thailand as couples proclaim their love and respect in true Thai style and grace.

  thai_valentine  valentines_in_thailand  
Image credits Thaizer and The Atlantic

Bang Rak, the ‘Love District’ in Bangkok sees a large number of couples queuing to register their marriages on this day and hopeful that they can win the draw for a gold marriage certificate. Also in Bangkok is the Trimurti Shrine where Thais visit to make a wish and offer roses.

City street, shopping mall or beach, flower markets and restaurants do a roaring trade with special promotions and everywhere is decorated with with stylish red hearts. The day is enjoyed by all ages and you will see teenagers on motorbikes clutching oversized cuddly toys to woo their loved ones.

For the more adventurous couples, this day is when they can promise their vows to each other in an unusual manner such as under water or hanging off a cliff!

A popular destination of course for westerners at this time of year who wish to get engaged, marry or to get lost in in the pure romance and atmosphere of it all.  


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