Thai Inspired Cocktails

Article published on: October 18, 2016

The unique combination of herbs and spices used in preparing Thai dishes is what gives Thai food the distinctive flavour enjoyed by many.  

The mixture of spicy, sweet, sour and salty is characteristic of many dishes and, with the help of an experienced Thai mixologist, Tom Yam has developed a cocktail menu as an ideal accompaniment. 


Tom-Yam-Thai-Cocktails  Thai-cocktails  cocktails-thailand


Consider some of the ingredients used in Thai food preparation:  kaffir lime, lemon grass, chilli, basil, coconut milk, tamarind, ginger.  A taste sensation in a glass!


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Cocktails and mocktails are available and since launching these fabulous drinks, the feedback has been great.

‘..Abby loved her mocktail and so did baby Casssady I had your signature, best cocktail ever!’

‘Food was delicious, cocktails so tasty and the staff so lovely!’

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We love them, we hope you do too!