‘One Beer, One Taste, One Love’

Article published on: December 19, 2016

‘Singha, a Thai mythical creature in the form of a Lion has been a part of Thai history and nation for as long as anyone can remember. In actuality, it is an animal regarded as King of the Jungle both in Thailand and many countries and cultures worldwide. Figuratively, it is the symbol of power, strength, courage, leadership, dignity, loyalty, perseverance and endurance.’


Thailand’s Singha is a premium quality lager beer brewed from the finest ingredients with 100% Barley Malt and Saaz Hops, the highest quality hops in the world.  Full-bodied and rich in taste, with strong hops character.

Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand’s first brewery, was founded in 1933 by Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi and for for over 80 years, the privately owned company has become a renowned beer and beverage producer. We are happy that exporting Singha Beer began in 1970 as we love it here at Tom Yam Thai!


Boon Rawd Brewery were appointed the official purveyor to the Royal Court of Thailand on 25th October 1939 and granted use of the Garuda, Thailand’s Royal official emblem with the words ‘By Royal Permission’, which can be seen on the bottle neck.

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Do try a Singha beer when you next visit Tom Yam, bottled and draught served.